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CSBFever is a Life Style brand for the riders who are passionated about motorcycle drifting and stunting. To participate at events worldwide CSBFever want to spread the love for this new underground sport who never get the credits it deserve. To grow and show more people the Life Style we need sponsors to reaching our goal, worldwide events. At the moment CSBFever is active in Europe and the Middle East and we have fans worldwide.  For 2020 we are planning some events in some new countries, USA, Canada and Russia

Why your company should sponsor CSBFEVER ??

CSBFever is a well known brand in the motorcycle scene and has fans all over the world. The motorcycle community has an above average income so have more to spend on your product. The exposure has a big reach becuase of the viral content CSBFever create. From Europe to Dubai, from USA to Russia we can cover the hole world with the colaberation with sponsors. We have the contacts and the locations and with your support we can reach our goal which your brand will benefit from.

Does your brand will travel the world with CSBFever ??

It`s a matter of time for CSBFever to travel all over the world to promote Motorcycle drifting and Stunting. Does your brand will beside us when we take over the world?

Event audience engagement

If you want potential customers to keep coming back to your brand, engaging the audience is key. To get our audience engaged, you want to get them excited, spur their emotions, and make them feel special. … And you most definitely want our audience to return to your brand and bring all their friends. CSBfever will show a new style of performance with different style of riders. The visitors love to film the performance and show it to their friends on social media

Viral Content

The content of CSB and CSBFever went viral many times. A lot photo`s and videos went viral the past 10 years. Big social media account take the content from our account and make it goes viral. This photo is over 5 years old and till today still shows up on social media

Exposure at events

Event organizers loves the fact CSBFever attrack a lot of visitors to their events so ussually we get the best locations for exposure. This exposure are normally the most expensive locations at events. Want to know more about this, contact us