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Welcome CSBFever

Let me introduce myself, i`m Bennie Busa owner of CustomSportBikes.NL (CSB.NL) and the founder of CSBFever.

With CSBFever i want to share my passion for Sportbikes, Drifting and Stunting worldwide. After 10 years of excistens i build a network with well known companies and brands.

Some of these companies i will show here how and why they support CSBFever. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via email, social media or in real life.

Special thanks to all the people who support CSBFever the last 10 years and who will support CSBFever in the future.

Brock`s Performance

Brock`s Performance has the best sounding exhaust for the Suzuki Hayabusa, thats why we use it on the CSBFever Bikes. Also the performance parts to improve the bike for drifting are a must have for every drifter with a Suzuki

Brock`s Performance Alien Head

The Brocks Performance Alien head is our favorite exhaust. The Full system exhaust is perfect in looks, Sound and performance

Why Brock`s Performance is supporting CSBFever? Because we love to use the high performance parts on our bikes and let the community know that you need these parts to build the best drift bikes. Want to know which parts you need, just ask us and we advise you what to buy from Brock`s

Custom Show Emirates

CustomShowEmirates is one of the biggest Custom Motorcycle and Car Show in the Middle East and we are proud to be a partner with this amazing show. CSBFever performed there skills for the past 4 years and this year will be the 5th time. Come and visit the show from from the 2nd till the 4th of April 2020 in Abu Dhabi


Come and vist the booth of CSBFever at the CustomShowEmirates in Abu Dhabi

Why CSBFever become partners with CustomShowEmirates? because we got the opportunity to show the people something new, Fever/drift and burnouts they never have seen with motorcycles. After the first Show in 2016 we became partners and never missed a show.

Dubai Street Fighter Garage 

Dubai Street Fighter Garage was the first shop in Dubai who supported CSBFever and helped us prepare for the first show in the UAE. From unloading the container to transporting the bikes from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, they helped us with everything. That`s why we can proudly say, they are one of the first supporters of CSBFever in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Street Fighter Garage

After many help and support for CSBFever we become very close friends and even have a small area at the workshop to work on our driftbikes

It didn`t stay with only help, we even got our bikes painted by Street Fighter Garage Dubai. So its not only a partner but officially also a sponsor. For every type of paint you can go to D.SFG, from normal damage repair to the most extreem custom paint job.

Atelier Marcollin

Atelier Marcollin is one of the best companies for complete event coverage in the United Arab Emirates. Its not just a media company, they look for stories behind every photo and video. After the first event coverage i was sold, never seen such dedicated people creating an event coverage like they do. This is 1 of the reasons we become partners to promote the CSBFever Lifestyle.

Atelier Marcollin

Lets get back in the time. After every motorcycle ride we received some photo`s of the riders. Not just photo`s but real artworks who tell you a story.  If your looking for a media company for your event, stop looking just contact Atelier Marcollin, Dubai (UAE)

Why Atelier Marcollin become our media partner for event coverage, just watch and enjoy the photo`s and videos, then you will understand why. We really fell in love with the way how they do it. They ideas they have for CSBFever Lifestyle are amazing and you will love the material they will create.

Unknown Sports UAE

Unknown Sports UAE is founded by the Dubai based motorcycle club Unknown Emirates. Unknown Sports UAE is created to support the extreme sports in the UAE. They support CSBFever and help promote the motorcycle drift and stunting Life Style. 

Unknown Sports UAE

Because of the love for bikes they have at the Unknown Motorcycle Club they created Unknown Sports UAE to support the extreme sports in the UAE, not only they support CSBFever Life Style but also the Skate, BMX and Ski community in Dubai.

Follow them on Instagram for updates about events.

Why Unknown Sports UAE become a partner with CSBFever? Because we have the same passion for riding bikes and it doesn`t matter if you like Harley, Suzuki or Triumph it`s about riding and enjoying life with true friends.

The future will bring many events and projects between Unknown Sports UAE and CSBFever, follow or social media channels for updates.

Brapper Motorcycle App 

The brapper motorcycle app is for bikers worldwide, you can download the app in the known app stores for IOS and android.  Tell all your friends to download the app and you can enjoy rides together. check it out Today 

Brapper Social Bikers network

This app is designed by bikers for bikers. It`s really an amazing app to use with your biker friends and really need to grow in users to get more benefits for the bikers. Share this app with all your friends to support the creators to make grow the advantage for bikers using the App.

Why Brapper become a partner with CSBFever, because we all have the same passion and that are motorcycles. With the support from brapper we can get in touch with all the users of the app. Also again i will ask the CSBFever supporters to download the app and tell all your friends about it so we can grow the community in this amazing app.

Motorcycle Shops Dubai

We don`t want to forget the motorcycle shops in Dubai who helped CSBFever in a way to participate at events across the United Arab Emirates

Topspeed Bikes 


Street 188,Umm Ramool

Dubai,United Arab Emirates


RPM Bikes

Al Mafraq Road

Al Quoz Industrial Area 3

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


BikerZone Motorcycle

77 3 Street 

Ras Al Khor

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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