CSB Fever. Our Community.

CSB Fever is founded in 2010 as an organizer for motorcycle Fever (drift) events in The Netherlands. To bring the Life Style from to Streets to the events we have some very dedicated volunteers who helped organize numerous events in Europe and the Middle East. To bring this underground sport we transformed CSB Fever into a Lifestyle brand. As a brand we want to support drifters and stunt riders worldwide to get more attention for this sport. This is not possible without volunteers, the most dedicated people are supporting CSB Fever for many years and of course new dedicated volunteers are welcome.

How You Can Get Involved

Send us your information and motivation why you want to join CSB Fever

Volunteer Program

We only aloud dedicated people who will love the CSB Fever Lifestyle and have the right intentions to join our team as a volunteer. The people we now have treat each other as family and everyone knows their position to steer an event in the right direction. With the growing amount of events and publicity we really looking forward to grow our team worldwide to represent CSB Fever the right way to the audience. The volunteers are the people behind the scene who will guide the Riders so that they can concentrate on their performance at the events.

Sponsor Program

Are you a freelancer or a business owner and do you not only want to sponsor but also actively help with the realization of an event or other necessary work. Send us what motivates you and what you can do to help CSB Fever achieve our goals. We are open to any suggestion. 


CSB Fever is a Lifestyle brand who has a community who would love to help out to support charity. Unfortunately we don’t have funds to support financially but we can help to attract audience and attention for your charity. Send us all your details and a motivation why CSB Fever will collaborate with your charity and we will reply you as soon as possible.

What We Do

The main goal for CSB Fever is to set up Fever events worldwide and let all the winners compete a championship in Dubai to give credits to the best Fever rider in the world. The Dubai CSB Fever world Championship Drift & Stunt. To accomplish this goal we need the support of all the Fever (Drift) pilots worldwide so we can grow this sport and get the respect it disserve. For 10 years it was very difficult to get the support we need but now we are convinced we have the support of the wright people in the scene to reach our goal.

Our Story

CSB Fever Started in 2010 to show the audience what the bikes, build by CSB.NL, can do. Before the bikes only stood still for a bike show at events and back then we got a lot of questions why these bikes has a longer custom swingarm. To show the audience for what  these bikes build for we did our first Fever (Drift) Show in April 2010 and the audience loved it, because of their reaction many events followed and after 10 years we grew to become a pioneer for promoting Fever (drift) worldwide. Since 2019 CSB Fever is based in Dubai to get more publicity and traveled to more countries to show the world what Fever is.

Meet the CSB Fever Volunteers

Meet the people behind the scenes who are very important for CSB Fever who helped in the past and will help grow CSB Fever in the future to reach the goals we set.


Meet Erik, one of the first Volunteers who helped CSB Fever at many events worldwide. This is one of the most respected volunteer (Family member) who puts a lot of time and effort to help set up the CSBFever events in The Netherlands and Dubai.


Meet Jan, the most caring person who event joined CSBFever. Helped CSB Fever in many ways. Also the best cook who always provided the riders a nice meal. He is the CSBFever Grandfather to all the riders and previous members. He also joined events in The Netherlands and Dubai

Erre Eric

He was one of the youngest members but also one of the most supportive members. A real drifter who loves the sound of turbos and doing wheelies. After he got the Fever he become a very good high speed drifter. Also the founder of CSB Fighters, a biker group who love the streetfighter style bike.



Meet Stephan, the latest member who will help CSBFever grow and reach the goal we set for 2020. Unfortunately due to his health he is not able to do any drift or stunts but that doesn’t mean he lost the love for bikes and now he surrounds himself with great people and will enjoy the coming events for 2020.


Mohammad Al Hammadi

Meet Mohammed, one of the owners of StreetFighter Garage Dubai. The first shop owner and active volunteer who helped CSB Fever prepared for the first show in Dubai. After the first event he become active helping CSB Fever with promoting the Lifestyle and let us use the garage to prepare the bikes for every show. A real CSB Fever family member

Bennie Busa

Meet Bennie, the founder of CSBFever and the person who spend most of his time and money into promoting CSBFever worldwide. 

Become a Volunteer Today

You like to be with a group who has the same passion and helping to host events. Helping with everything that need to be done to accomplish our goal. Send us your motivation and skills so it will be easier for us to decide to let you join our team of volunteers.


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