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CSBFever is a well known LifeStyle brand in the motorcycle community and can provide the best Stunt & Drift with motorcycles to attrack a lot of people to your event


 The Riders who represent CSBFever are from different countries worldwide, these riders are known stunters and drifters in there own country. Here you will find a selection of the riders who are availeble to perform at your event. You can ether choose your own style  riders, stunters or drifters. There also some riders who can perform with a stunt and a driftbike. Keep in mind that stuntriding and drifting is done by 2 different bikes who are specially build for the use of drift or stunt.

Julian Stunter

This is the most talented and youngest stuntrider from Colombia who can handle all type of bikes. He is not only very skilled with a stuntbikes but can also perform very good with the CSBFever driftbikes. CSBFever supports this driver to reach his goal, to become the best stuntrider in the world

Jerry Stunter

Meet Jerry, the young stunrider from Finland who perform Stuntshows in Finland and also loves to drift the CSBFever driftbike. This tireslayer destroys the tire in the first couple minutes he drove the Suzuku hayabusa CSBFever driftbike

Aleksey Plotnikov

This is the spectaculair Stuntrider from Moscow, Russia Aleksey Plotnikov. This stuntrider is one of famous russian stunters who will perform with a stuntbike as well with a driftbike


Misha Mikhin

Misha Mikhim is from Saint Petersburg, Russia. He is a allround daredevil and loves drifting, racing and high speeds. An absolute adrineline junky who love to entertain the crowds.  This is an amazing performer for every type of bikeriding.

Bennie Busa

Founder of CSBFever and also a real Suzuki Hayabusa lover. Uses the Suzuki Hayabusa 1999 to show his drifting skills with the XXL extended swingarm. 

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